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SHARE Receives a $279,500.00 Grant

SHARE received a $279,500.00 grant from the Brethren Service Center (BSC) and the Church World Service (CWS,) two of SHARE's traditional partners in its humanitarian programming in Angola.

Over the summer, in its continued partnership with SHARE, BSC and WCS sent a 40" container of school kits and hygiene kits to Angola. The container, filled with 7500 school kits and 15,000 hygiene kits, is valued at $262,500.00. To cover the operations to get the container to Angola, SHARE also received $17,000.00 for the container ocean freight, customs clearance fees, in-country transportation (from Luanda to Bié,) warehousing, and transportation to the commodities end-point distribution sites. "We, Angolans, are truly thankful for this meaningful partnership with BSC and WCS. Together with our partners, we have been impacting lives in Angola since SHARE's foundation." Said Guerra Freitas, the Founder and Chairman of SHARE.

In its turn, SHARE partnered with ANAEIM and Escola Don Quisito of Sister Adelina, both Angolan Nonprofit Organizations working with some of the neediest students in Angola. Thus, part of the school kits and hygiene kits were distributed in Kuando Kubango and Kwanza Norte provinces. In Bié, because the container arrived in the middle of the school year, SHARE's stakeholders recommended that the kits be distributed at the beginning of the next school year, which will February of 2014.

To complete the distributions of the aforementioned school kits and hygiene kits, SHARE still needs $10,226.75. Therefore, we need your help: Please donate online by clicking here. Alternatively, you can mail your check to:

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